Executive Coaching (Individual, Team, Board-Level)

Parrish Partners provides executive coaching in Orange County, California

Coaching is a process by which individuals and teams discover and execute solutions for their biggest challenges, including behaviors that can impede performance. Leadership, high performance teams, communications, relationship management, and strategic capability are some of the many skills and behaviors that coaching develops. In addition to skills development, coaching supports retention and engagement goals, and can dramatically increase the effectiveness of traditional training programs.  Related executive coaching services:

  • On-boarding: Proper on-boarding enables executives new to the organization to hit the ground running and make a positive organizational impression. On-boarding leads to higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduction in stress. The Parrish Partners on-boarding process helps executives understand how to best communicate, integrate with, and influence others in their new environment. The process creates a win-win for the new executive and the organization.
  • Strategic Planning: Setting and carrying out strategy is a key function of the executive suite. A Parrish Partners facilitated strategic planning session or retreat provides the perfect environment for strategic thinking, collaboration, and commitment-building. Our facilitation enables the executive team to break-down barriers, create new solutions, and to develop vision, mission, strategy, and tactics to drive performance for the next quarter and the years to come.