Business Consulting

Parrish Partners business consulting in Orange County, CA

Do you want your company culture to generate high performance?

Does your leadership team perform to its potential?

Are you striving for operational excellence?

As business consultants, we focus on the whole of the enterprise. We evaluate the total business, from core operations to culture, from leadership effectiveness to management practices, from core competencies to support systems. We use systems-thinking and optimization methods to identify key limiters and determine the most fruitful path for improvements. We recommend paths to optimize not only your profits but also your vision and mission and company culture.

Operations are the core income generating aspects of the business and operational excellence requires a continual evaluation and action planning cycle to increase the value of business assets.   Developing proper performance metrics, management practices, and review processes to optimize the business performance are the key deliverables of operations consulting.   Our consulting is rooted in best practices from Fortune 100 companies and the latest research from world-class educational institutions.   Our operational partnerships have global reach, providing you with access to world-class resources.

You can depend on us to become your performance catalysts and accelerate positive change. Our approach is comprehensive and uses a four step process of assessment, strategic envisioning, integrated transformation, and comprehensive measurement.

  • Assess: Determine desired results and success criteria
  • Envision: Create and articulate the future state
  • Transform: Implement changes to drive results
  • Measure: Create performance metrics and drive results