Leah Bloom

Leah Bloom is a consultant and executive coach with Parrish Partners.  Trained as a systems therapist, Leah owned a clinical private practice in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to the Orange County area in California.  Ms. Bloom received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northwestern University.  She holds a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from The Family Institute of Northwestern University.  After receiving her Master’s degree, she was selected for a two-year clinical Fellowship at the Institute – where she subsequently remained on-staff as a clinical practitioner for two additional years before opening her own practice.

The work in Ms. Bloom’s practice evolved into a space for clients to seek direction, focus, and feedback on how they were showing up in their workplace.  Much of this development is owed to Ms. Bloom’s style as a therapist, as one who combines deep empathy with a keen ability to outline the realities for her clients.  Her training at The Family Institute as a systems therapist shaped her way of viewing counseling as clearly defined goals, which are achieved when we consider how each person in a system influences and affects one another.  As an executive coach, Ms. Bloom brings the following capabilities to her clients:

  • The ability to identify behavioral changes to track toward those goals
  • Continued enhancement of the client’s strengths
  • Concomitant inventory of the client’s growth edges and the subsequent plan for further development
  • Mediation and conflict management
  • Communication sharpening for individuals and groups

Ms. Bloom comes to this work with a desire to both teach and learn from her clients – for the most salient example of the human ability to stretch beyond what we imagined is found in corporations where innovation, striving for quality, and an aspiration to exceed expectations are all present.  Above all, Ms. Bloom hopes to empower corporations as they discover their own resiliency through this process of coaching.